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Building a Shopify public or private app is now easy with our Shopify app development services. Shopify apps that are fast, scalable & affordable. The Shopify apps that add to the Shopify platform’s existing functions seamlessly. Let us know your requirements for either a public Shopify app that you can sell on Shopify marketplace or a private app that is for your store only. Our team of experts will help you end to end.

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What Shopify App Development involves:

Shopify App Development Service involves building apps that add customized and new functions that are not available in the Shopify platform natively. You can reach us for any kind of Shopify App Development including the following :

  • Upgrading the existing Shopify app.

  • Securing your app with a robust framework.

  • App Speed Optimization

  • Add custom functionality to your app.

  • Search engine optimization of marketplace

  • Building Private apps for custom functionality in your store.

  • New payment gateway integration

  • New shipping carrier integration

  • Custom functionality for your shop

  • Build public app to sell in Shopify marketplace

Services We Offer at WebGarh Solutions

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We have been constantly serving to the customers, and we stand firm in providing services with the following advantages:

Process of App Development

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Multi-Store-Hreflang-Tags(Shopify Public App)

Shopify App for perfect hreflang tags to increase sales from organic search. If you have two or more Shopify stores for the same businesses serving different countries or languages, you may be losing traffic and sales from poor SEO. The hreflang tag tells search engines like Google what version of the page from what store, to serve the users. The tag also prevents duplicate content penalties from similar content being on multiple stores.

" Job was done properly and within the deadline. It was quick and efficient and they were always available to help solve all unplanned issues. „



Dash Discounts App (Shopify Public App) - WebGarh Solutions Portfolio

Dash Discounts App(Shopify Public App)

Sell more in less time. Dash Discounts offers dynamic discounts, which means that the discount decreases by a certain percentage every few seconds or minutes.

" Happy to continue the work with them. They are responsive and dedicated to their job. Would recommend working with them. „


Elash- Local Delivery(Shopify Private App)

Shopify App for customizable checkout with same-day delivery, Ground Shipping, and pickup store.

" Exceptional communication and worked swiftly to complete the work we required with some tight deadlines. Brilliant work. „


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