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We have acquired extensive knowledge and experience in developing custom websites and applications that can assist in your digital transformation. Our exceptional track record of delivering over 1000+ projects is a testament to our advanced web development skills and dedication to professionalism.

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    What We Do

    We create web and mobile app solutions that will delight your customers

    At WebGarh Solutions, our team is dedicated to building and designing brands through web and mobile app development. We collaborate closely with our clients to develop a detailed plan for creating their website or mobile app, ensuring that we deliver the desired outcomes they are looking for.

    Shopify Expertise

    • Shopify Store Development
    • Shopify Apps Development
    • Shopify Migration
    • Dropshipping Store Development
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    • PrestaShop Solution
    • Magento Solution
    • CMS based Solutions
    • WooCommerce Solution
    • Ecommerce Maintenance & Support
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    Product Development

    • Saas Web applications
    • Business Applications
    • Mobile Apps
    • Marketing & SEO
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    Top Services

    Shopify App Development

    Our experienced Shopify developers will either create a new Shopify app or modify an existing one to enable you to take advantage of multiple functionalities through a single app. Our primary objective is to deliver satisfactory results to our clients while maintaining a high level of quality.

    • Dedicated Team of Shopify App Developers

    • Transparent Project management

    • On-time Delivery

    • 24/7 Support

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      Product Development

    Product Development

    Let us help you bring your vision into reality with our cutting-edge product development services. Our client’s requirements are our priority, which is why we work with commitment and transparency from start to end so that our customers can have what they need without having second thoughts.

    • Well-designed Product Development Management

    • A dedicated team with Proven results

    • On-Budget Project Delivery

    • Quality Product Development

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    Please submit a request detailing the issue you wish us to address & any specific needs in terms of timeline & scope.

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    Top Projects

    Top Projects

    Horse Stable Management Solution - Top Solutions

    Stable Management is a web application which allows horse stable managers to keep track of their inventory, vaccination status, breeding, foaling, sales, and many other aspects related to the management of horses in the given stable. This application was developed specifically for KEITH HARTE BLOODSTOCK LTD.

    Herbal Dispensary Saas Application - Top Solutions

    SportsDeal.no is one of the best examples of our team's efforts. Our expert team of developers has worked hard to build this leading eCommerce portal in Norway. This platform is developed on top of PrestaShop.

    HREGLANG Shopify Public App - Top Solutions

    The Shopify public app revolves around the HTML TAG "hreflang". It is actually quite powerful tag which allows the google to identify the same pages but in other languages and regions. The Shopify app makes it easy for those merchants who have multiple stores in different languages and wants to make use of the hreflang tag to connect the product/collection and other pages for Google Search. This app is being used by more than 300 stores in Shopify.

    Herbal Dispensary Saas Application - Top Solutions

    A complete SAAS web application for herbal medicine practitioners to automate their practice. Individual clinics, Dispensaries, Hospitals, and herbal medicine schools around the globe are using the application successfully to automate their day to day functions. The Suppliers & Manufacturers of herbal Medicine are using the application to sell their products to large number of available practitioners.


    Hear from one of our kind and humble clients, Joshua. His journey with us has been truly promising and fruitful. We built a robust Public Shopify App for him that lets the Shopify stores have perfect hreflang tags for SEO even with messy URLs.

    Joshua Uebergang

    Here is another great feedback from one of our clients, Jason Tarter. We have been working since the day of his website's start. We developed a robust SAAS Web Application that is HIPAA compliant for medical record keeping.

    Jason Tarter

    Joshua Uebergang

    Digital Darts

    Jason Tarter

    Dispensary Tree

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