PrestaShop Migration Services

The migration procedure aids retailers in moving their data from one platform to another, upgrading their PrestaShop version to the most recent version, or switching to a different platform. Migration will, in any event, aid in a seamless changeover without the risk of data loss.

Migrate Your Current Portal To The Latest PrestaShop Version

You can move your complete online store without losing any data with the help of our dependable and economic PrestaShop migration services. Data migration, server migration, and shopping cart migration are all part of our services. In addition, we create a complete database backup before moving your online business to ensure that no crucial data is lost. Our main goal is to provide our clients with the best store of current information.

Our PrestaShop Migration Services

  • Magento To PrestaShop

    WebGarh's Magento to PrestaShop migration service makes it easy to move your vital data, such as items, clients, orders, blogs, and other relevant entities. It will be automatic, secure, and accurate to complete the process.

    Magento To PrestaShop
  • Shopify To PrestaShop

    We convert the Shopify to PrestaShop eCommerce database, including the items, customers, orders, categories, etc., in a simple 4-step process that is completely safe.

    Shopify To PrestaShop
  • WooCommerce To PrestaShop

    Leverage WooCommerce to PrestaShop migration to be completed accurately and with a high level of security. Without affecting the functionality of your present e-store, all of your data, including items, customers, orders, categories, and other entities, may be effortlessly moved.

    WooCommerce To
  • Opencart To PrestaShop

    We can safely transfer all of your data from Opencart to WooCommerce because we are a reputable Opencart to WooCommerce migration service provider. All your shopping cart data, goods, categories, clients, photos, videos, databases, plugins, and anything else will be transferred into WooCommerce as part of our thorough migration process.

    Opencart To PrestaShop

Choose PrestaShop For Enhanced Business Productivity

  • Build A Product Page X2 Faster

    You may streamline management with a brand-new method of adding products to the online store! Thanks to an improved UI, quick operations, and shortcuts, there is no need to waste your time on product administration. Instead of maintaining your product pages, spend your time developing your business.

  • Improved Back-Office Navigation

    Who claimed that UI/UX design is exclusively for your clients? Upgrade your PrestaShop store to obtain an incredibly intuitive, user-friendly admin interface. Streamline and make pleasurable the time-consuming task of managing your web business.

  • PrestaShop Default Theme

    Enjoy a brand-new PrestaShop default theme that is ideal for launching your company. In addition, PrestaShop Migration Services brings up new opportunities for developers to create personalized pieces by providing a large selection of design features.

  • Perfect Template For Business

    The revised PrestaShop default theme tools don't meet your needs. Instead, expand your horizons with innovative custom design options ideal for your online store. In addition, PrestaShop has become more accepting of people from different cultures thanks to new demo goods. For your store's personalization, concentrate on these features.

  • PrestaShop Official Marketplace

    Access the most recent PrestaShop modules and extensions on the official PrestaShop marketplace. You can depend on getting the most recent PrestaShop features and upgrades when you download tools. In addition, you have the chance to enhance and personalize your web store.

  • Free Upgradeable Solution

    PrestaShop's main objective is to offer people the ideal e-commerce solution. PrestaShop has an OSL 3.0 licence and is an upgradable open-source solution. You can use it, improve it, and add to it. There are thousands of users and more than 1,000,000 community members. Within a short time, receive all your inquiries' responses.

Our Key Highlights

  • Enhanced UI/UX

  • Next-Gen Integrations

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Why Choose WebGarh As Your PrestaShop Migration Service Provider?

In general, PrestaShop Migration Services is a very sensitive and challenging process. This is due to the process involving a significant volume of critical data. However, with the help of our services, you may easily migrate your store's data. By preserving the relationships between entities like categories, goods, customers, and orders, our migration services assist you in storing and moving data.

  • Migration Assurance
  • 100% Uptime
  • 24/7 ProfessionalSupport
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							PrestaShop Migration Service

Our Work

We value our customers and work hard to make their businesses successful. Therefore, with an advanced approach as our guiding principle, we pay special attention to accomplishing our client's goals and take all necessary precautions when providing them with PrestaShop Migration Services.

								Village - Our Work

Client was using Magento 2.4.x and then he want to move back to Shopify. So we have designed a complete new shopify website and also have worked on migration of old data to new website. The website is user friendly and we also have worked on its speed optimization.

This website was in Magento 2 earlier so we have helped them by creating a new website on shopify as per client requirement. However, as there was lots of custom coding done on the website the speed of the website was compromised. So once the website was completed we also have worked on its speed optimization.

Beaubybo -
								Our Work

The website was first in WIX and then we have created the website in Shopify. The design on Shopify is not exact as Wix but is close to the same with some Shopify-specific pages/layouts included. We have not migrated the data from old website to new one.

Veracova -
								Our Work

We have worked hard with the client to develop this cosmetics brand's port on Shopify to meet the client's requirements.


Why should I choose PrestaShop over my existing CMS?

Any firm must select the best e-commerce platform before building an online store. Many platforms offer free and paid services for building an online business. One of the free, open-source platforms that enables you to build a fantastic online store is PrestaShop.

Award-winning PrestaShop development is a highly flexible eCommerce platform that includes free solutions. You can quickly set up an online store based on your company's needs.

PrestaShop is a fantastic choice for eCommerce companies of all sizes. It is simple to use and construct and supports different languages, multiple currencies, etc.

Is PrestaShop better than WordPress?

PrestaShop is a targeted eCommerce platform that prioritizes shop administration. Excellent SEO right out of the box, order management, customer assistance, and product management. Best attribute: With only one click, your country's language, currency, tax laws, time zones, etc., are all correctly set up.

How much does PrestaShop migration cost?

The cost completely depends upon the size and complexity of the website to be migrated.

Why should I hire a PrestaShop migration expert?

A free and open-source e-commerce platform is PrestaShop. One of the main benefits is that anyone may modify and expand eCommerce platforms. A fantastic e-commerce platform supplier is WebGarh. You can hire PrestaShop developers from us to provide technology-rich, scalable, and dependable PrestaShop Migration services for your e-commerce firm.

Hire Dedicated PrestaShop Migration Team

Our experts strive to provide the most potent and efficient eCommerce solutions. They provide our clients with cutting-edge services that will enable them to dominate the market thanks to our more than 6 years of expertise as a solid foundation for developing our skills. They never stop learning and continually work on projects using cutting-edge equipment.

    Hire Dedicated PrestaShop