How We Work

Hourly Price Model - Your Continuous Development Partner

Undertaking simple to complex projects is a time-consuming and demanding process that necessitates dedication and effort, particularly when it comes to monitoring budget, delivery timelines, development quality standards, and, most importantly, achieving higher business objectives. Our company provides comprehensive development support and resources on an hourly basis, delivering technical expertise, optimal project steps, and ongoing improvements throughout the project cycle. Our hourly pricing model is designed to meet all of your development objectives while charging you based on the service delivery time.

Hourly Price Work Model - WebGarh Solutions
Hire As You Need  - WebGarh Solutions

Hire As You Need - Wish Tasks Were This Flexible!

Businesses, regardless of size, often encounter numerous ad-hoc requirements and require immediate support and resources. To address this need, we offer a fully flexible work model with development solutions that are specifically designed to assist you during times of sudden and unexpected requirements. Our experienced web developers have demonstrated their expertise in all aspects of the project development lifecycle for web design and development projects. You can be confident in the assistance you will receive from us at any stage of developing your web applications or websites, given our reputation for timely delivery. Just a click away, deploy us as needed!"

Dedicated Team Model - From Start To Launch, We Will Take Care of All...

We have the expertise to support businesses from the initial ideation stage, MVP, planning, to successful brand building. Our team of domain experts with years of experience will guide you through the project life cycle. Our Dedicated Work Model is well-known for providing our clients with the best quality web services, including web application development, database integration, CRM, Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions, and End-to-end eCommerce Development solutions. Our web developers pay close attention to your project requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives. Our company has earned a hard-earned reputation over the years for delivering high-quality development work and providing friendly service

Dedicated Team Work Model - WebGarh Solutions

Package Based Model -Fit For Your Exclusive Requirements

We offer several customized fixed-price packages that are designed to meet the specific requirements of your projects and development needs. These packages are ideal for startups as well as established businesses that have well-defined development needs, ranging from custom theme development for the online store to complete app development.

Fixed Price Model - Suitable Work Solution For Establishments

We provide flexibility in all stages of development, but we also offer a fixed price model that will be confirmed and not updated after consultation. We will determine a price based on the initial consultation, ensuring that we meet the specific development service requirements of both tech organizations and established businesses.

Package Based Work Model - WebGarh Solutions