Third Party Integration Services

When it comes to improving your online presence, third party integration can add value to the user experience. We make it count with our innovative third party integration services! Whether it’s a shipping method or social media, Webgarh is here to garnish your website in the way you want. With the new-gen tech stack and incorporation of the industry’s latest trends, here we are building headway for growth!

Unlock The True Potential of Your Business Website!

It’s no surprise your users need payment gateways, maps, Google apps, and more while availing of your products/services. How about giving them what they need in one place? That’s what our third party API integration services do! Our advanced process makes the APIs perform at their maximum potential without reducing your site speed.

  • Improved user experience
  • Fully functional API integrations
  • No effect to website or app performance
  • Here’s How We Do It!

Third Party Integration Services That Boost User Experience

  • Third Party Integration with eCommerce

    Elevate your sales in a well-managed way! Our eCommerce integration gives you access to sell your product/services to millions of people worldwide. At Webgarh, We can integrate third-party services like payment gateway, shipping carriers, inventory management systems, ERP, or CRMs with your eCommerce website. We support industry-leading eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, Wix, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento.

  • App Customizations with Third Party APIs

    Let’s don’t give your customers another static application! Webgarh can help you build or renovate your application with customized third party APIs to enhance your user experience. Whether you want travel portals or weather forecasting, our professionals got your back.

  • Social Media APIs

    With over 4 billion social media users, you would never like to miss the biggest audience base for your business. If you have business accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., we can integrate social media APIs with your applications or websites to accomplish the desired functions.

  • Google APIs

    Google APIs are among the most common and frequently used APIs! That’s why Google API integration is an exclusive part of Webgarh’s third party integration services. Our expert developers can integrate official Google APIs such as Google maps, Google places, Google vision, and tag manager.

  • Payment Gateways

    Are you planning to integrate a new payment gateway with your application or website? Our team can help you as long as you have the API documentation handy.Along with that, we can help payment gateway companies build plugins for various eCommerce platforms. Do check out our portfolio to see the companies we have worked with in this area.

  • Shipping Services

    Automate the logistic processes in a comprehensive dashboard! At Webgarh, we made integration of advanced shipping APIs like FedEx, CanadaPost, and USPS bliss for unmatched efficiency. We can integrate your logistic partner and its functionality on your website.

  • SMS Gateways

    Bridge the gap between telecom and the world wide web! Now, you can send bulk messages and run your SMS campaigns without messing up with old-school messaging apps. We can give your website access to advanced payment gateways including Twilio, Nexmo, Telnyx, and ClickSend.

  • ERP & CRM API Integrations

    Have personalized CRM and ERP software? Let’s blend both of them and make the process more efficient than ever. We can connect and synchronize your ERP software with the CRM and automate the collaboration of information on both systems.

  • Email Integration Services

    An efficient way to boost your email marketing campaigns! Our email integration services allow you to connect your campaigns with point-of-sale systems and deliver more compelling emails. In this, we include the integration of email APIs such as SendGrid, MailGun, and Amazon SES.

  • Platform APIs For Mobile Apps

    If you’re enrolled in tasks creating workspaces or adding users, Platform APIs can add automation to your processes. We can utilize HTTP, REST, and .NET to build Platform APIs and integrate them with any of your framework-based web applications.

Our Work

DoveBlasters - Our Work

You can now reserve the EXACT spot on the property with our one-of-a-kind booking system. See your location and your reserved slot location on the property in real-time. With our technology, you know exactly where to go on the property. Think of it as reserving your very own seat in a movie theater, only in the outdoors!

Custom Wordpress Plugin for getting and managing weather data from two APIs - YR and SMHI. The plugin is ready and being integrated into the website by the client - vä - Our Work is one of the best examples of our team's efforts. Our expert team of developers has worked hard to build this leading eCommerce portal in Norway. This platform is developed on top of PrestaShop.

MamoPay - Our Work

Wocommerce and Prestahop custom Payment Gateway plugin which is created using the Mamo API(s). This payment gateway shows on the checkout page, when purchasing the products from website. The name of the custom payment gateway is Mamopay gateway plugin. Payment(s) will be made on the mamopay website as paypal takes payment on his website.

Our expert developers created this website for selling guns & accessories in the USA according to the client’s requirements. This website was built on top of PrestaShop with multiple functionalities so that client would run the website easily.

Why Work With Us?

Webgarh — An Outstanding Company to Make You Stand Out of the Crowd

  • Expertise In API Integrations

    With years of experience, we have grasped in-depth expertise to build and integrate APIs into your website and applications. We keep making improvements in our third party API integration services based on the industry’s latest trends.

  • Dedicated Team of Professionals

    When it comes to integrating third party APIs professionally, only tech stack and resources are not enough! That’s why Webgarh features an exclusive team of expert professionals with years of experience to get the best out of your investment.

  • High-Quality Workmanship

    Webgarh adheres to its ethical code of conduct and quality workmanship while offering third party integration services. Whether it’s communication regarding the project or delivering work, our methodologies ensure efficiency and peace of mind throughout the project.

  • Ability to Handle Complex Workflows

    From open APIs to JSON-RPC, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to handle every API protocol. Our tech stack with AWS, Google Cloud, NodeJS, NoSQL, PHP, PostgresDB, and Firebase allows us to work on the most complex workflows efficiently.

It’s Time To Make Your Website Incredibly Accessible!

If you’re also a customer-centric business looking to offer the best user experience, third party integration is the best bet for you. Webgarh has dedicated itself to integrating necessary and fully functional APIs to boost the accessibility of your website.

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