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About Us

Our Shopify development team with 10+ years of combined experience supports you to maintain your Shopify store & apps. Our support and maintenance services for your Shopify store are fully customizable based on your business and budget. Right from one-time store audit to continuous 24/7 support by a highly capable team, we offer it all.

  • Top Shopify development agency
  • 20+ team members working in Shopify development alone
  • Shopify partners
  • Built and delivered 20+ public Shopify apps - listed on the Shopify app store
  • 100+ custom apps built for the clients all over the world

Shopify Store Support & Maintenance

  • Data Management

    Ensure smooth operations of your store by taking responsibility for product upload, image touching, collections management etc...

  • Critical Incidence Support

    Supporting you when you require us most, during the critical issues which threaten to interrupt the order flow and sales. Our teams respond within the minimum possible time frame.

  • Store Maintenance

    Regular checks on the store to ensure the working of the vital parameters of the store to avoid critical incidences which interrupt the sales.

  • Store Optimization

    Scheduled store optimization for speed, responsiveness & on-page search engine optimization.

  • Backups

    off-site store backups of data and customized components to ensure reliability and long-term functioning.

  • Critical Alerts

    Alerts about the critical incidences, their resolutions, future potential interrupting events & monthly store health reports using our UpKepr Technology.

  • Customized packages that suit your budget & business.

  • Get in touch with us today to discuss the requirements free of cost.

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Shopify Plus & Advanced Support & Maintenance

Our team supports highly available, inventory & highly customized stores with continuous improvements carried our whenever required. Our knowledge of the Shopify platform helps clients sell more on their online stores by leaving their technical part to our team. Dedicated Shopify managers are assigned wherever required.

Shopify App Support & Maintenance

We leverage our deep knowledge of the Shopify platform to help clients support & continuously improve custom and public Shopify apps. 24/7 support services by skilled developers to ensure maximum uptime. And continuous improvements / critical issues fixes as and when required.

We offer fully customized packages based on the technology stack and scale of the application.

Technology Stacks We Support & Maintain:

  • Frontend Tech: ReactJs, AngularJs, CSS, HTML, Javascript,VueJS
  • Backend Tech: Laravel, PHP, NodeJS, Python
  • DBMS: MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, DynmoDB, MariaDB, PostgreSQL
  • AWS services: Lambda, API gateway, DynamodB, Cognito,Amplify, SageMaker etc...

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